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Welcome to

Andy Shaw.com

Hi there,

My name's Andy Shaw and I'm just an ordinary guy from West Sussex in England.  I started out in 1984 as a cabinet maker and then after years of working for a lot of different companies, and almost by accident, I met a mate and we started a business together in 1990.  We had no formal business training but we still managed to create what looked, to the outside world, like a normal successful business.

But we were miserable.  Every day we went to work and struggled with a few factories, dozens of vehicles, stacks of machinery and a workforce who seemingly came to work to make our lives a total nightmare even though in hindsight we lacked the managerial expertise to systemise this element of our business.

After a few years, we worked hard and were rewarded and were able to make an OK living and then once we finally realised that we did not wish to be in that business anymore. We found ourselves in the fortunate position of having a competitor wish to buy us out. We had become quite successful at property investing before deciding to venture into the business world again. This business was much, much more successful.

Hey! We seemed to be getting the hang of this, we owned a lot of properties, and we had a highly successful and profitable business. Things were going great, a lot of money a large house, lots of toys and holidays. Not to mention a wonderful wife and family. Things were going great for several years...

But then the credit crunch came along and sales in the business dried up and became non-existent. I could not release equity in my properties when they still had some. Then the inevitable happened and we couldn't prevent the train wreck from occurring. Quite suddenly and very publicly we failed

For a while, my business partner and I were reviled by many and it was one of the most difficult times of my life. Because of my skills I could have easily gone away and made a reasonable life for myself and my family. However, I had no intention of stopping, I am someone who finds opportunities everywhere. I knew that our failure and bankruptcy was an event and that I was just between riches. Deep down inside I knew I was destined for success - perhaps you feel like that too? 

I had previously studied the best books on business, success and particularly mindset.  I immersed myself in it all and practiced what I was learning and things I created to help myself and slowly, very slowly, I started to rebuild my life.

I wanted to share with you what I have learned - from the good bits and particularly from the bad bits.

So I wrote two books called "Creating A Bug Free Mind" & "Using A Bug Free Mind."

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Now I'm certainly not saying that, by reading my book, you will be able to do ANY of what I've done, and I've got to tell you, you probably won't want to!  It takes a bit of work and the things I suggest are certainly not going to make you any money overnight.  I'm making NO CLAIMS AT ALL for my story, the things I share in my book or my methods I used.  You may not achieve anything at all because, after all, once you have read my book, my articles, blog posts and videos you MAY take absolutely no ACTION at all.  To be honest, most people won't.

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However, if you have always felt special, like you should be achieving more than you are, if you are seeking to improve your life, even a little, I would like to encourage you to give my books and website a try.  You never know, it may make a difference to your life, like it has to mine.

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!


Best wishes



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